A stunning showroom
and visual assets

Client: CIM group and Macklowe properties
Location: Manhattan
Goal: Create stunning visual materials and showroom assets to drive sales campaign for apartment units positioned to sell at luxury pricing

The Challenge:

Showcase the tallest residential tower & optimize sales!

    • Macklowe was planning to build the tallest residential structure in the Western Hemisphere: 432 Park Avenue in New York City
    • Site conditions were demanding: excavation already underway at the block-through site in midtown Manhattan
    • Expectations for deliverables just as demanding: super high definition panoramic views to realize convincing showroom display of actual 10-ft-by-10-ft window
    • Sales priorities necessitated views from 24 levels at multiple times of day
    • Sales plan also dictated need for digital assets for seamless website, mobile & iPad interactivity
    • SkyPan was tasked with producing these ultra-high-quality visuals

SkyPan's' Approach:

Deploy care, experience, technique and timing!

    • Ascertained client needs for marketing and sales of widest range of apartment units
    • Project began with consulting services to determine the most dramatic view study possible within budget parameters
    • SkyPan team studied the Manhattan weather patterns carefully, to schedule production associated with interesting skies
    • SkyPan used exacting degree of production coordination to manage timing of all 360º panoramics in order to produce optimum lighting, sky pattern, palette, superior viewpoints
    • SkyPan arranged access to multiple neighboring roofs for monitoring and completing operations
    • Using various manned and unmanned aerial platforms with customized cameras, SkyPan captured 24 separate elevations, all with 360º views
    • Post production digital manipulation provided enhanced files to creative agencies
    • SkyPan team was contracted after 3 months to complete dusk panoramas at 20 elevations, up to 1396-ft altitude.



    • SkyPan provided the 432 Park Ave sales team with stunning showroom and visual assets, all to very exacting specs and highest aesthetic standards
    • Creative agencies received SkyPan digital assets of extremely high quality, for use in highly integrated suite of 3D/mobile/in-person, high-touch displays
    • Full wall display uses thru-window actual views from individual units of 96-story residential tower up to Penthouse, showing left & right limits
    • Superb, ultra luxury marketing campaign
    • Achieved and maintained high-margin pricing of units