A stunning showroom
and visual assets

Client: Greenland USA
Location: Los Angeles
Goal: Determine best placement, design, height & orientation of towers

The Challenge:

Delivering valuable assets within a very short time frame

    • Greenland USA was planning 4 towers at the SW corner of downtown Los Angeles bordered by Francisco, W8th and 110 Harbor Freeway
    • Positioning necessitated views from 4 positions across 4 acre site to determine best placement, design, height & orientation of towers
    • Gensler Architects needed valuable assets immediately
    • Expectations for deliverables: high definition panoramic views for architectural planning, pricing & showroom displays w/monitor walls
    • SkyPan was tasked with producing backplate renderings & 360º aerial view panoramics mid-day, late afternoon & dusk, up to 520’ AGL

SkyPan's' Approach:

Client consultation to determine most dramatic views

    • Project began with consulting services to determine the most dramatic view study possible with Elliman development consultants.
    • SkyPan used exacting degree of production coordination to manage timing of all 360º panoramics in order to produce optimum lighting
    • Using various manned and unmanned aerial platforms with customized cameras, SkyPan captured 65 separate elevations, all with 360º views,
    • Post production digital manipulation provided enhanced files to creative agencies, Gensler and rendering specialists overseas.


Provided visual assets to very exacting specs and highest aesthetic standards

    • SkyPan provided Elliman sales team with stunning showroom and visual assets, all to very exacting specs and highest aesthetic standards
    • Creative agencies received SkyPan digital assets of extremely high quality, for use in highly integrated suite of 3D/mobile/touch displays
    • Full wall display uses thru-window actual views from individual units of 3 residential towers and 1 hotel tower, including amenity floors
    • Superb, ultra luxury marketing campaign
    • Achieved and maintained high-margin pricing of units