Day to Dusk. Mobile to Desktop.
We provide complete visual content.

The standard deliverables once a job is completed:

File Sizes:

The size of EQ files average in size 24000 x 12000 pixels for daytime panos, 32000 x 8000 for dusk panos which are produced with less vertical coverage than daytime.  Larger files can be created if needed and known in advance.

We need to understand the full intended use of images SkyPan will produce for you.  If you plan to use any images for print we need to know the size, type of print media and viewing distance.  Any print needs beyond 48 inches long will require Gigapan coverage, which is a custom service described in our FAQ section.  If you plan to use a large video wall we need to know the size and number of displays and pixel dimensions.

Supported Platforms for interactive 360:

By default we deliver all components necessary to run on both Apple & Windows based computers, tablets & smart phones.

Viewing options for interactive 360:

Extracting stills from 360:

The EQ files can be used as is or we can extract perspective corrected or normal stills. This service is NOT included in a standard cost estimate. Perspective corrected flatfield still extractions are $75/each jpg

Additional services and costs:

All services are $250/hr (minimum 1/2hr) and include:

  • File Organization + Transfer to 3rd Party
  • Custom Presentations - including Link Uploads, Tours, Menu changes
  • N/S/E/W orientation for cardinal cube faces
  • Extended Photoshop for Detailed Adjustments
  • Integration Consulting